About the project
Letter Society X Reddit
The Letter Society is a collaborative and challenge-based design blog. Every four weeks, members post projects as a response to the current creative prompt. The group take turns creating the project and project brief. When I was given the prompt to redesign an existing experience, I wanted the to choose something that I use regardless of it’s aesthetic, not because of it. I immediately thought:
I, as well as hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe use Reddit daily, but it has to be one of the most unattractive websites out there (sorry, Reddit. I love you, but yikes). That said, it’s incredibly well done in that it communicates information quickly and effectively to thousands of people a second. The entire system is incredibly simple and that is why it works so well. In my redesign, I wanted to give Reddit a little bit of a facelift. Keep it clean and simple, like it is now, but add in some fun and unique functionality and aesthetics.
Design Phase
Brand Refresh
In an effort to bring Reddit into the 20th Century regarding aesthetics, I tried to clean up the logo, soften the look, and brighten up the class Reddit-blue, while maintaining its simplicity and clarity. 
Subreddit Iconography
In my redesign, all default subreddits have have both an icon and a corresponding color. These elements can be used for anything from the default image for image-less posts to the header image for the respective subreddit as well as the subreddit’s primary color source. There are close to 50 default subreddits, this is just a sample.
Website Redesign
Reddit's home page functions as well as it does for as long as it has because of the utter simplicity of it. It's not pretty, but that's okay because it gets the job done. I wanted to keep the basic structure of the site as simple as possible by keeping the important aspects of the site interaction front and center and by "hiding" some of the secondary and tertiary information in menus and sidebars.
For example, instead of the usual panel of rules and information cluttering up the gutters of the subreddits, I chose to “hide” the information using a sliding sidebar. The sidebar contains information about the post, subreddit, and the all-important rules.
Though my goal for the Reddit redesign was to clean everything up and "hide" some of the secondary/tertiary features, that doesn't mean those features are unimportant. I wanted to keep them easily accessible at all times; within one or two clicks. By using a unique system of menus and hidden compartments, I was able to keep the base site clean and all pertinent information within reach.
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